Solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘Richard Dunn: Some Works’, William Wright Artists Projects, Sydney
2014 ‘Richard Dunn: New Works’, Concept Space, Shibukawa, Japan
‘Richard Dunn: 3 tatami piece – 10 paintings’, Star Projects at Yamashita Bldg, Nagoya, Japan
2012 ‘Four paintings after Albert Namatjira’, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
‘by leaves we live’, sleeper, Edinburgh
2011 ‘Polychrome’, gbk | Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney
‘Polychrome’, SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney’
Some Decades’, Factory 49, Sydney
Richard Dunn: Four Paintings After Albert Namatjira’, Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria and Moree Plains Gallery, NSW
2010 ‘The Labyrinth’, Mati Ghar, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi
2009 ‘Opening of the Universe (Brahmasphutasiddhanta)’, gbk | Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney
‘A plaid found at Culloden’, sleeper, Edinburgh
‘Richard Dunn: The Fibonacci Trees’, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and Global Art Project, Melbourne, curated by Donald Williams’Richard Dunn’, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
2007 ‘Richard Dunn’, Peloton, Sydney
‘CITY’, gbk|Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney
2006 ‘Six Abstract Paintings (for J. McL.)’, Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria
‘Richard Dunn: mannig•faltig’, Förderverein Kunst der DRK Kliniken Westend, Berlin
‘Westworld’, Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf
‘Richard Dunn: Mani-fold Paintings + Photography’, gbk|Gallery Barry Keldoulis
2005 ‘Shadowzone’, Artspace, Sydney.
‘Richard Dunn – Mannig•faltig: Malerei u. fotos/Mani•fold: Paintings & photos’, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany.
‘The Labyrinth & Food+Poison’, gbk|Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney
2004 ‘Blickdicht:Damenstrümpfe in Chemnitz’, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany
2002 ‘Wittgenstein`s Colour’, Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney.
2000 ‘In Chemnitz’, Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney.
‘Nomad’, voxxx.galerie and Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Chemnitz Germany.
1999 Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney.
1998 ‘Nomad’, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.
1997 ‘PARALLELS: Space, Time & Architecture’, Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney.
Sydney Spring: Festival of New Music, ABC Centre, Sydney.
1995 ‘Hidden Structures 1969, Oblique 1995’, CBD Gallery, Sydney.
Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney
‘ ” ” (quotation)’, Artspace, Sydney.
1994 Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.
‘Richard Dunn: Selected Work 1964 – 1994’, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.
1993 ‘Surveillance and Punishment’, Faculty of Art and Design Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne.
Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.
1992 ‘The Dialectic Image – Selected Work 1964 – 1992’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
‘Push & Pull’, Yuill/Crowley, Sydney.
1990 Yuill/Crowley, Sydney.
Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.
1988 Yuill/Crowley, Sydney.
Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.
1985 ‘Works from New York 1984 – 1985’, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
‘Richard Dunn’, PS1, New York
‘Drawing From the Barricades’, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
‘Six Positions’, Yuill/Crowley, Sydney
1983 ‘A-K: The Normal and Domestic’, Yuill/Crowley, Sydney.
‘Die Brücke/The Bridge’, QED, Sydney.
1982 ‘Barricades No.3 (The Sheet, The Monochrome, The Banner) 1848’, Art Projects, Melbourne.
1981 ‘(a dialogue of objects)’, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
‘The Second Construction: Barricades’, QED, One Central Street, Sydney.
1980 ‘Tools of Coincidence’, Art Projects, Melbourne.
‘Monastery’, modernArt, One Central Street, Sydney.
1979 Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1977 Nine Works, Gallery A, Sydney.
1976 ‘Six Positions’, modernArt, Sydney.
Warehouse Gallery, Melbourne.
1975 Gallery A, Sydney.
1972 Gallery A, Sydney.