Richard Dunn: Some Decades, Keith Broadfoot and Richard Dunn, exhibition at Factory 49, Sydney, 2011

a plaid found at Culloden, Murdo Macdonald and Richard Dunn, installation at sleeper, Edinburgh, 2009

Strolling to Now: a German City in the Twentieth Century, Richard Dunn, Walter Benjamin and the architecture of modernity conference, University of Technology, Sydney, 2007

Between Places: art, architecture and public space, Richard Dunn, Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand conference, Perth, 2006

Richard Dunn: Complexity and Signature Style, interview with Stian Grøgaard, 2003 Work from Chemnitz, Sachsen, Richard Dunn, 2000

Statements and Commentaries – 1978/1992, Richard Dunn, 1992